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Organic Brand and Product Development

Coast Range Seed helps freelance plant breeders commercialize their most promising new varieties.  Breeders bring us their best projects, and we grow them at their highest quality to be sold as produce and food products.  Our supply chains are unique in returning a share of the revenue from the consumer dollar all the way back to the source: the breeders.  Our specialty is to represent those varieties which are compelling and differentiated for the end-consumer, and thus merit developing new and unique product classes in the marketplace.  We honor the labor, genius, and heart that breeders invest in their seeds, and we have seen that the demand is real and their work valued.

While organic consumers increasingly demand new product types, so too do the farmers, produce companies, and food businesses who fill the trucks and supply the shelves.  Going forward we project that freelance plant breeders – relatively new actors in commercial agriculture – will drive important diversification processes in the organic produce landscape.  Their seeds play a key role in helping farmers and food companies differentiate their brands and their product lines, and thereby disarm competitive threats in matured organic markets.  In this way we contribute to smallholder survival and economic health in the organic food system.

Coast Range Seed aims to be the proactive, agile supply chain agency built for operationalizing these aligned goals.  Our product stewards work on the ground providing leadership in brand integrity and product quality at each link, and organizing and harmonizing across partners. 


We take pride in bringing progressive food businesses the products and stories they need, and earning CRS plant breeders the prosperity and recognition they deserve.

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Carol Deppe, PhD


Frank Morton


Jonathan Spero

(dec. 2020)

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