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Understanding our place in organics
Plant breeders whose varieties we've grown into
CRS product programs:
Carol Deppe
Jonathan & Jessie Spero
Frank Morton
Sakata Seeds
Organic producer groups we engage with:
The Farmers Guild
Friends of Family Farmers
Rogue Farm Corps
Southern Oregon Seed Growers Association
North Bay Farmers
Companies who chose our produce (end of 2018):
Good Eggs
Bon Apetit Management Co.
FEED Sonoma
Good Earth Natural Foods
Oliver's Market
Community Market
Bi-Rite Market
Non-profits and universities we engage with:
Oregon State University Small Farms Extension
UC Berkeley Diversified Farming Systems
UC Davis Plant Sciences
Seed Central at UC Davis
Open Source Seed Initiative
Global Open Source Seeds Initiative
Society of Organic Seed Professionals
Culinary Breeding Network
Organic Seed Alliance
Community Alliance with Family Farmers
Bionutrient Food Association
Conferences we're at:
EcoFarm Conference
Organic Seed Growers Conference
Variety Showcase
Produce Marketing Association
Oregon Small Farms Conference
Soil and Nutrition Conference
Biostimulants World Congress
Acres USA Eco-Ag Conference
Organic Growers Summit
Regenerative Food Systems Investment forum
Distributors & processors we are interested to partner with:
University foodservice
Hospital nutrition
Earl's Organic
Veritable Vegetable
Organically Grown Company
Heath & Lejeune
Charlie's Produce
Cook's Company
GreenLeaf SF
Foods In Season
Patagonia Provisions
Amy's Kitchen
Retailers we are interested to partner with:
Independent food co-ops and organic grocers
New Seasons Market
Berkeley Bowl
Whole Foods Market
Market of Choice
Nugget Markets
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