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CRS Produce programs

Harvests for Plant Breeder partners:

-  Product and brand solidification through reverent market introduction.

-  Lifecycle management across organic fresh produce and CPG value chains.

-  Portfolio range of enough products for economics of buyer relationships.

-  Quality control and hardcore quality proactivity at every supply chain link.

-  New performance-based revenue streams for organic freelance breeders.

Harvests for Hi-Fidelity Growers:

-  Sheltered market environment with stablility and significant price premiums.

-  Early and exclusive access to consumer-quality driven genetics and seed.

-  Growers Group custom packaging and cooperative crop planning.

-  Farmer to farmer connection with other hi-fidelity farmers and seeds partners.

Harvests for Produce & Food Company partners:

-  Story-rich, values-centered, differentiated organic consumer product classes.

-  Brand assets for overall agricultural marketing promises of food companies.

-  Early and exclusive deals, structured by geography and market segmentation.

-  Proactive quality control and presence throughout the entire supply chain.

-  Right and reliable alignments with grower-vendors and clarity of expectations.

-  Grower-product matching, in view of product requirements, producer     personality, farm product quality, and farm production scale.

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