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Quality is relative to each of our pasts

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Quality is and will always be subjective and relative. Of course there are objective, evidence-based bases of characterizing quality. But fundamentally, quality is something that is experienced. Sensory experience comes first to mind, but mentally, also, we each compare our present experiences with those in our memory. The joy of highest quality is that it's remarkable -- the experience is something that, subjectively, we never had known could exist.

There need to be organizations trying to set that high bar. We need there to be at least some people who always remain interested and invested in in expanding the spectrum of quality -- lengthening the right hand end of the chart toward healthier and more functional foods. Not to mention foods of truly memorable quality for eaters and other users.

We envision whole bodies of research yet to come, which must be conducted on top quality soils, and with the most energetically and nutritionally substantiative foods. Mixed results and hit-or-miss trials have serious limitations to the functional medical practitioner, the family whose health has deteriorated, or the university researcher.

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