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Student Organic Seed Symposium

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

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We are development professionals and growers building agroecological farming, breeding, and consumption partnerships along the US West Coast zone.

At Coast Range Seed we believe there can and should be a bright future for independent plant breeders, and for all who imagine a healthier and more vibrant food culture. Our work funds plant breeder elders, while looking for doors we can help open for the next generations of breeders and breeders. Who will shoulder the load in the future? Our team knows that that energetic, future collaborators are our work's most important crop. We will need all hands on deck to evolve food practices and relationships to thrive in 21st century realities.

Our practice of regenerative ag consists of ongoing, programmatic investment into proven natural patterns and relationships. Nature's dynamism requires care; but from there, yields and essential goodness are evident. Farms love their humans, and we as farmers place our faith in the good natured-ness of ecology.

At CRS we know that regenerative agriculture includes the rejuvenation of our bodies, and the expansion of agricultural biodiversity. Our specific goals are thus to:

(1) help improve the nutritional base for healthier communities

(2) help drive a proliferation of crop genetics and cultures of food

(3) form fulfilling teammate relationships and build capacity.

Through our platform, we aim to balance parity and increase agency for agriculturalists across the supply chain.

Agriculture and foodwork are both skilled and valuable, period. There is no reason why all our sector's workers and enablers shouldn't lead dignified, secure, and healthy lives. Just like everyone in our society aspires to.

"Parity," in its usage in agricultural politics, means putting agricultural work back on par with the value of labor, products, and services in other sectors of our economy. Think, how much squash does it cost to buy a gallon of gas, or to buy prepared organic food.

We give thanks to the our many allies serving organics, and investing their sweat into health, equity, balance, and justice.


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